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Session with Surrey Clubs for Young People

5 July 2016


On 5 July Dom ran a session for Puttenham Youth Club, near Guildford.



Charity Commission application approved

22 March 2016


We are very excited to announce that our application to register The Skateboarding Foundation as a Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO) has been approved. We submitted an application to the Charity Commission mid November last year. The Commission came back to us mid December with questions about our purpose, how we benefit the public and what policies and procedures we have in place. We responded in February with answers to the various questions and copies of our Strategic Plan, Theory of Change, Risk Management Policy and Instructor Application Forms. The Commission confirmed a few days ago that the foundation is capable of being registered.


Charitable status will make it easier for us to: raise funds from the public, grant-making trusts and local government; represent and help young people and give donors and beneficiaries confidence that we are legitimate and working within a regulatory regime.


Equipment purchased

21 March 2016


Donations received through our launch campaign have enabled us to purchase skateboards, helmets and pads. We are grateful to the Skate Academy for selling us the 10 skateboards, 18 helmets and 20 sets of (elbow, writs and knee) pads at a discount price. We are now ready to deliver our programme, confident that we can ensure the safety of all of the young people we teach to skateboard.


Our launch campaign has been extended. Please tell your colleagues, friends and family about us and send them to


First free programme

20 March 2016


We are in the process of organising our first free programme at either Windsor or Maidenhead skatepark. We’ll announce where and when through our social media channels and to our subscribers by email.


If you know any child or young person who might be interested in learning to skateboard ask them or their parents to subscribe.


We expect places to go quickly!


Limited edition branded T-shirt

18 March 2016


We are about to produce a limited edition of 25 branded T-shirts. The T-shirts will be ready for delivery within the next few weeks to those people who kindly donated £25 or more to our launch campaign.


The remaining T-shirts will be available to buy from the Shop section of our website.

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The Skateboarding Foundation helps young people to develop their skills and abilities to enable them to fulfil their potential and participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.


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UK registered charity with the Charity Commission No. 1166397.

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